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Research is a very important aspect of consumer discovery- they use their instincts to find information about different products as well as services that may be of great help to them. In the days just before the Internet became a buzzword, consumers spend long hours perusing pages in the consumer report magazine for ideas on new products, trends going down in the consumers’ segment, news about launches, etc. But that was then; everything was sold on phone or at local stores!

Today, a lot of the services or goods that were purchased locally have gone online- which is a bag of mixed fortunes for the average consumer. The Internet consumers spends a lot of their shopping time discovering service providers as well as real services through online magazines, review websites, affiliate websites, aggregation websites, etc. Customer reviews have also become standard for many e-commerce websites like amazon because they help consumers shop based on other shoppers’ experiences just like the traditional in-house recommendations.

Student consumers on essay writing company websites

Unlike their e-commerce counterparts, essay writing companies are not offering customer reviews to their customers/potential customers. They leave the discovery process to third party websites like forums; student centered websites as well as essay writing company review websites like Students need to understand the importance of using a website like to ensure good essay buying decisions.

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Buying an essay from a random essay writing company online has its own risks. The first one is the easy of being scammed by a company you know nothing about. The other risk is the quality of papers written by an essay writing company owing to the proliferation of non-native service websites. Students need to be ahead of the curve with regards to this vital information to ensure that they ate buying with due diligence.

How it works

We have been collecting information about different students’ experiences buying custom papers online. We collect the information from real customers in the form of real customer ratings, reviews and comments. Once this information has been analyzed, our team uses it to come up with a refined list of top service/top rated service providers as recommendations. In addition, our team also keeps updating the list every time we get new reviews to ensure that our list is fresh for use at all times.

Moreover, we also send out experts to review custom paper writing companies. We publish an expert review to solidify our recommendations.